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Commitment Issues In A Relationship

Realizing and confronting commitment issues in your relationship is a necessity for your long-term happiness.

The worst thing in the world is to be in love and devoted to a person who isn’t willing to work through their commitment issues. When you encounter this type of relationship, it invariably leads to negative feelings and emotions.

Sometimes we enter into a relationship with false hopes. We may believe our partner is honest when they say they want to be in a committed relationship. However, somewhere throughout the relationship that partner changes their mind and decides perhaps a long-term, fully engaged relationship isn’t for them. And so follows commitment issues, frustration and unhappiness. The committed person begins to think they’re wasting their time in the relationship and that it will go nowhere with nothing gained.

People with commitment issues may have this problem for a variety of reasons.

The number one reason people can’t commit is due to an emotional issue, often rooted in their past.

When a partner can’t get past this bad experience, it may be because they have fear about trying to deal with emotional trauma or distress. Think of this trauma as a wall. Your partner sees the wall in the distance. You know that with proper help your partner can climb the wall, but the very sight of the wall is enough to reduce your usually strong and loving partner into someone you barely recognize. They can’t trust anyone, especially within a relationship, so long as they have these feelings and hurt they’re harboring. The past must be dealt with before a person can ever have a meaningful relationship or a future with anyone. If this isn’t done, continual hurt and pain will manifest itself into any relationship they enter.

Others don’t commit because they use relationships as a way to have someone in their life while they are searching for someone better or more suited for them.

Always looking at members of the opposite sex even when they are in a relationship, these partners don’t care if their partner is with them or even sees them doing it.

This behavior is incredibly disrespectful, not to mention despicable. This partner doesn’t feel they belong with you. However, they’re settling for a lesser relationship until they find something better.

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You are always the something better, not the placeholder until better comes along.

Avoid this sort at all costs. These people have genuine commitment issues.

If you desire a lasting relationship and find yourself with a partner afraid of or unwilling to commit, you’ll most likely end up unhappy, brokenhearted, and disappointed. Decide whether you want to stay with your commitment-phobic partner or end the relationship and cut your losses.

Sometimes, the easiest way to know where a relationship will go is to be up front from the very beginning.

Find the right relationship with eHarmony.

Before you get seriously involved, spend time with your prospective partner. Talk among yourselves. Be open and honest. Find out how both of you feel about a possible long-term relationship and a commitment to prevent any false hopes or problems later on with confusion over what the relationship involves.

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