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5 Hot Dates Ideas Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day with one of our hot date ideas sure to light the passion fires hotter than ever!

Shake things up in the bedroom.

Whether you’ve been together for three months or three decades, there’s never a wrong time to introduce a little novelty between the sheets. And if you’re worried this might be more than you or your partner is comfortable with, take a deep breath. With the luxury of online shopping, there are tons of great options for beginner steps into the world of adult novelties.

Fantasy Box Couples Romance

Take the guesswork out of shopping this Valentine’s Day and let FantasyBox do the work for you.

It doesn’t get any easier than The Fantasy Box–a curated selection of lingerie and toys, packaged for a romantic evening and delivered with free shipping to your doorstep.

And The Fantasy Box ships quality products. Their brands include LELO, Jimmy Jane, and We-Vibe–all high-end luxury toys that will cost you far more than the price of the subscription box.

And that’s just the toy!

Seriously, this is a deluxe gift box with a lot of value packed into the price.

The Tried and True Weekend Getaway

The Governor’s House Inn, Charleston, SC, combines the Old South with all the modern shopping and dining your touristy heart desires.

You can’t go wrong with this one, especially if you pick a romantic bed and breakfast nestled in a charming location like the Governor’s House in Charleston, South Carolina, or the Brampton Bed & Breakfast Inn in Chesapeake Bay, MD.

Why should you stay in a bed and breakfast?

Ask yourself. Do you really remember the generic hotel you stayed at on your last vacation? Do you rave to your foodie friends about the home cooked breakfast you had before heading out for a day’s shopping excursion? Did the innkeeper let you in on all the locals-only secret spots?

Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn, Chestertown Md

The Brampton Bed & Breakfast Inn sprawls even more grandly across twenty acres in historic Chesapeake Bay, Maryland than the 19th century antebellum plantation it once was.

Probably not.

But bed and breakfasts are different. Owners take great pride in their homes and want you to feel at home. There’s a feeling of companionship that you can’t find at a cookie-cutter hotel. Especially if you want that old school romance, a bed and breakfast is the way to go for your special weekend retreat.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, when life is hectic, there’s nothing more refreshing than a simple night in. Never underestimate the power of putting the kids to bed, turning off the lights, uncorking a special bottle of wine you’ve had tucked away for a special occasion, and cuddling on the couch.

Touch is important, and we often neglect this simple but effective way to connect with our lover. Spend time re-exploring each other’s bodies. Remember the little things about him that used to drive you wild–the scent of his aftershave, his five’o’clock shadow, the curve of his jaw– or the way she melts under your hands.

If you feel shy with one another, if it’s been awhile since you’ve been intimate (and it’s okay if you have) keep the lights out. Set up candles for ambiance. You might feel silly at first but that’s where the old saying, “fake it ’til you make it” comes in.

If you need a little inspiration, try a steamy movie to get your libido up and running hot for date night in. Both men and women respond to visual stimulation, though it’s a common myth that it’s only for men. But pay attention to your partner’s needs when choosing. A blow’em up action flick doesn’t always leave her in the most romantic mood. We recommend something more sensual like Chocolat with Johnny Depp or a perennial favorite like Annie Hall, Before Sunrise, or the never-fail, Casablanca.

Go All Out. Vegas, Baby.

If the wild Vegas getaway fits your partner’s personality (and you know what I’m talking about if it does), then go for it.


Actually, Vegas is far more affordable than you’d think. You can hit the Strip on any budget, from uber-high end to shoestring. With a little research, you can find more Vegas deals than you can shake a stripper pole at.

But you must, must, MUST see a Cirque show while you’re there. Not only will the jaw-dropping acrobatics leave you clinging to your partner in disbelief, but the shows are downright sexy. Maybe it’s the sheer physicality of the performers The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil - Save Over $35!necessary, but whatever it is, you’re sure to feels it. And there’s a wide variety of Cirque shows running at any given time so find the one that suits your interests. Our personal recommendation is Zumanity — a combination burlesque and circus act– but if that’s a bit more than you’re ready for, try The Beatles: Love for a sure winner.

Spice It Up in the Kitchen

For a sizzling hot date in more ways than one, cook dinner together.

Make a mess. Re-enact the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore scene from Ghost but use edible chocolate instead of clay. Using your hands for a tactile experience awakens the senses.

Not only that, but sensory memories are vivid and primal, going through the limbic system in our brains, to connect our strongest memories with scents. Have a food you shared on a first date? Make it again. The scent will remind you of that newness you had once and can help to reignite old flames.

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