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Most Unreal Gifts for the Star Wars Lover in Your Life

If you love a Star Wars geek, you know that as much as he (or she) loves you, there will always be a moment when they hear “The Imperial March.” They stand a little taller, eyes a little brighter, hand gripping your arm, and you know how that however much they love you, they might love Darth Vader a little more.

We’ve compiled a list of the MOST UNREAL, AMAZEBALLS, RIDICULOUS-MUST-HAVE gifts you can gift that special Star Wars someone anytime.

Because you never need an excuse to buy your lover a Wookie suit.

I give you, the Star Wars Collector Supreme Edition, Star Wars Episode III, Chewbacca Costume, Adult Standard, in all of its hairy glory.

Don’t laugh.

There is actually a sexual fetish where people enjoy having their way with large hairy creatures. You never know. You might find Chewy strangely hot when he (or she…maybe its Miss Chewy to you) is stalking you across the bedroom.

Worst case scenario: You watch your deliriously happy partner win all the Halloween costume contests in the WORLD for the rest of their geeky life.

Finn’s Leather Jacket from The Force Awakens

Okay, okay, to make up for the libido killer of the Wookie (no offense, furball), we shall move on to the oh-so-sexy Decrum Finn Star Wars Distressed Brown Leather Jacket. Because, yes, if my Star Wars-loving man came through the door in that, he would have a very, very good time with the Force tonight.




Who knew Anakin Skywalker was SO well-heeled?

(Other than Padme. She was all over that.)

Take a look at these leather riding-style boots from Rubie’s Costume: Men’s Star Wars Adult Anakin Skywalker Boots
Pardon me for a moment while I wipe my drool. Perhaps an offer to hold his Jedi lightsaber so he can these delicious boots off before bed?



Here’s one for the Ladies–because some of us love Tie-Fighters and AT-AT’s just as much as the guys do.

Women’s Star Wars Sexy Leggings because nothing says, “regret watching me walk away,” like a booty full of a galaxy at war.

PLUS: comfy.

Score for the gals.



Jyn Erso’s Rogue One Jacket and Vest

Jyn Erso might be the baddest ass-woman in the Rebel Alliance but your lover will be the best-dressed Rebel in town.

Star Wars: Rogue One-Jyn Erso’s Jacket is comfortable, durable, sleek, and down-right sexy all at once.





Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with Lights and Sounds

Suddenly burning the toast sounds much more ominous when you have the Death Star to contend with. Or perhaps it will inspire your other half to pay more attention to whatever he’s left frying in the cast iron skillet for the rest of half-time.

Better yet, set your Death Star Timer to five minutes, lock yourselves into the pantry, and practice your make-out skills until:

  1. The children find you
  2. The Death Star evaporates Earth
  3. The heat you two are generating in that pantry gets so scorching hot that the fire department shows up.

Ready to go HARD CORE?

Hold onto your credit cards.

I give you:

The HP Star Wars Special Edition 15.6″ Laptop in Darkside Black


This bad boy has a keyboard that GLOWS Sith-Lord red through a black overlay. Talk about inspiration to finish your brief on time? Yeah. That’ll do it.

HP – Star Wars Special Edition 15.6″ Laptop – Darkside Black also comes with Intel Core i5, 6GB Memory, and 1TB Hard Drive.



Street On-Ear Wired Headphones – Star Wars Rebel

These Street By 50 On-ear Wired Headphones – Star Wars Rebel might be my favorites for no other reason than wearing them makes me feel like a fighter pilot.

And the sound is ridiculously amazing.

…for when, you know, you need to listen to “The Imperial March” and get your Vader on.



And finally, because she will always be the reason I’ve watched and loved Star Wars for so many years, Princess Leia Organa.

Star Wars: The Black Series- Princess Leia in Boushh Disguise; 6-Inch Action Figure

My Princess Leia will always be the warrior, saving Han Solo from carbonite, navigating through the trees of Endor on her speeder bike, and leading her people through a rebellion when they had no hope left. She gave me a reason to believe that girls could do anything–even grow up to slay monsters, rescue the hero, and save the universe.


Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher. Oct 21, 1956 – Dec 27, 2016 (age 60)

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