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1400% Faster Than Those Sad Point & Clicks

Our voice recognition technology is accurate, fast, & easy.

Don't believe us? Try it. We double-dog dare you.


Data Crunching of Epic Awesome

20+ years of experience plus 10,000's of patients makes for a structured data system ready for data-mining. Whether it's for reporting, analytics, or medical/pharmaceutical research, we practivally have your info gift-wrapped with a bow on top.

Say Hello to More Money!

With your electronic health record (EHR) moving at blazing speeds, your workstream optimized, & therefore increased efficiency, you can see more patients (or you can hit that swimming pool ...  we won't judge).

One Size Really Does Fit All

Seamless integration no matter what EHR you're currently using.

If only pant-shopping were that effortless.

Voice to Data.






What Makes Us Different From the Other Guy

No complicated dictation apps

No more late nights transcribing, editing, & coding for medical billing

No point & click

No more impersonal form letters

No monthly maintenance fees

No set-up & training fees

No contracts ... NO, REALLY. NOT EVEN KIDDING.


Seamless integration with your current EHR and traditional documentation

Budget-independent end-to-end solutions

Highly customizable documentation

Increased patient volume

Dictate those patient notes and go!

Customizable, HIPAA compliant workflow platform with built-in, highly accurate voice recognition

Delivery options tailored to fit your needs

Auto-faxing to referring physicians

Per line charge based on volume and set-up

And we're based entirely in the U.S.A.

Time to Pick a Curtain

ption 1:

Our end-to-end solution

Frees up staff for more beneficial tasks.

98% accuracy rating

100% based in the good old U.S. of A.

1 business day TAT

60 minute or less STAT TAT

Option 2:

Keep your in-house MTs but turn them into super-editors (capes are optional) with increased productivity

Software designed by MTs for MTs

Fast & easy training

PRN coverage for that much needed (& now available) time off



That's okay.

You see, we're not The Big Guys. When you call or email, there's an honest-to-goodness person on the other end, & we care about each and every one of our clients. We love to hear from you.

(Unless your supereditor cape no longer works ... that's ... awkward ... we'll chat ...)

So schedule a demo. What do you have to lose? You're already wasting so much time with your old system that another couple minutes out of your day is like pocket change.So like ... call us.

Voice to Data





Got it?


So like ... cal us.

Don't Take Our Word For It ...


Recognition accuracy has improved so much that we now measure accuracy based on the number of reports with an error, rather than the traditional method of measuring the number of errors per report. The longer the system has been in place, the more willing I am to self-edit because the results from OneVoice are increasingly accurate without any explicit training exercises.

Barton Branstetter, MD, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


In short, we had a mess. OneVoice proposed a complete turn-key solution along with voice recognition and workflow platform that is very user-friendly. Within two weeks, OneVoice had us on track with increased accuracy and no more transcription backlog. As a result, our costs have decreased substantially.

Julius Torelli, MD, Integrative Cardiology Center








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Here's How It Works

Computer Assisted Coding

 Straight from your mouth to code. Don't pass GO. Don't collect $200. Actually, yes, do collect that $200.

Voice Recognition

 Got an accent? Not a problem. Based on conversational modeling, OVD will learn your speech patterns.

Technical Support

 Unlike those dragon sized companies, you'll find real people on the other side of all our communications. And we're here to help.

Try us and see.

Voice Recognition

 Got an accent? Not a problem. Based on conversational modeling, OVD will learn your speech patterns.




  • Outdated, hard-to-use medical billing & coding software is costing your practice thousands of dollars every year in lost productivity.
  • And seriously, life is too short to spend it sitting behind a desk editing pages & pages of patient notes.

Voice Recognition

 Got an accent? Not a problem. Based on conversational modeling, OVD will learn your speech patterns.

Voice to Data.